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Remarketing & Display Advertising for Car Dealers

Retargeting & Display Advertising For Car Dealers & Auto Groups


At Dealer Digital Marketing, we have a variety of different ways that we can help you reach a larger audience of people who are interested in the products and services that you offer. Two such proven methods are Retargeting & Display Advertising.

Display Advertising


Using target display ads, our digital marketing agency team can help you reach interested people while they are watching YouTube, looking at their Gmail, using their favorite apps or visiting their favorite websites. This means that you can get your message in front of the eyes of potential customers at precisely the right time.

What Do We Mean By Display Ads?

By using the Google Display Network, you get to put your advertising in front of your potential customers via a variety of appealing formats which include:

  • Responsive Display Ads – by simply adding your text, images and logo, your ads are then optimized for enhanced performance and allowed to blend in as native ads that blend in perfectly with the publisher’s website.
  • Engagement Display Ads – Engaging video and images can be run across YouTube and the Display Network and our digital marketing team can use them to gain traction, sales and revenue.
  • Gmail ads – Your potential customers can be marketed to right in their inbox, with their attention being grabbed much earlier in the buying journey.

Using These Effective Techniques, your advertising can be targeted to suggest your products and services even before they start looking for them.

Retargeting Advertising


Another effective method used by the Dealer Digital Marketing  team is retargeting which involves reconnecting with people who have previously interacted with you online via your mobile app or website. This allows your message to be strategically placed in front of your audience as they use Google or any of its partner websites.

A Variety of Commercial Benefits

Retargeting comes with a variety of benefits, with increased sales activity, raised awareness and improved interactions being just a few. Also possible through remarketing ad is:

  • Ideally-timed marketing – allowing your ads to reach those who have interacted with your business before when they’re searching elsewhere.
  • Highly focused ads – create highly targeted, specific ads for specific purposes, such as grabbing the attention of customers who filled their shopping cart, but didn’t finish the transaction.
  • An Extremely Wide reach – your retargeting ads give you a wide scope, allowing you to reach people as they browse through 2 million+ mobile apps and websites.
  • Easy, Straightforward Monitoring – When running remarketing ads, you have access to reports that illustrate the performance of all of your campaigns, including detailed data like where your ads are being shown and the price being paid.

Let the Dealer Digital Marketing Team Guide Your Automotive Advertising Strategy


These effective techniques can be used by our car dealer digital marketing agency team to reach more potential customers with a highly targeted approach. The work we do will not only get people noticing your dealership’s brand, but also looking at your products and making purchases.

So, why not get in touch today and let us guide you through your options and find out why dozens of car dealers have turned to Dealer Digital Marketing to launch their Display and Retargeting campaigns. Contact us today  at 814-746-5863 to get your free custom proposal.

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