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Custom dashboards built for each client that delivers transparent ROI reporting in real time to help you find more opportunities for growth and profits.

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Analytics Reporting

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We custom craft a hyper-targeted and data driven strategy for every client combined with a transparent real-time reporting dashboard to give business owners actionable insights into their business to boost the bottom line.

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Automotive Analytics & Reporting

Automotive Analytics & Reporting For Car Dealers


At Dealer Digital Marketing, we’ll help you get found on Google & Bing by people searching for exactly what you offer. With Desktop and Mobile Ads available you’ll be able to target searches on desktop happening daily and dominate your market on mobile searches to get leads and calls daily and drive sales. Our PPC Management Services are unmatched!

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Why Automotive SEO Reporting Is Essential


When you’re running an automotive dealership, it’s imperative that you understand how your potential customers interact with you, as it ultimately helps to provide insight into how to convert them into sales. Our SEO reporting gives you what you need to fully capitalize on your successes, while simultaneously identifying your least effective strategies.

When using Dealer Digital Marketing, we provide every one of our customers with round-the-clock access to their analytics data, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. This means you get the information you need to achieve optimum return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.

All-In-One Reporting


Want to know how visitors are behaving once they arrive at your website? No problem. Want to understand why the leads and phone calls coming from your website aren’t where they should be? Sure. Can’t understand why your bounce rate is so high? We’ll give you the answers you need.

Our all-in-one reporting gives you a raft of actionable data via your own personal dashboard that includes:

  • Where a site visitor came from
  • How long that visitor spent on each page
  • What pages of your site they clicked on
  • Whether a phone call was made or a lead was submitted
  • The number of page views you’re getting
  • What popular trends are occurring

All of this highly useful information can help you to shape your marketing strategy and it’s all available at your fingertips 24/7.

  • Custom Dashboard

You know which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to your business and your own personal dashboard will show you exactly what’s happening in those crucial areas.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Want easy, straightforward access to up-to-the minute information about how your paid, organic and third party traffic is faring? It’s all shown on your dashboard in real time.

  • Deeper Insights

Your dashboard also provides you with much deeper, more detailed insight into how you’re performing online. You’ll have a firm grasp of how each of your channels is faring and which ones are providing the highest quality traffic to your business.

  • Google Ads Dashboard

Getting the right keywords is another essential part of a successful website SEO campaign and we provide access to your Google Ads Dashboard. Via this platform, you can monitor your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) reports, allowing you to identify the search terms that offer the highest ROI.

When working with the 412 Digital marketing agency  team, we help you to fine-tune the journey your site visitors have to make a purchase. All of this valuable data can be used by our expert design team to fix any conversion issues you have along the way and get your marketing firing on all cylinders.

Dozens of Automotive Dealers have turned to Dealer Digital Marketing Agency because of our commitment to transparent ROI reporting. Contact us today at 814-746-5863 to get your custom tailored proposal today! 

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